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Två män som håller i ett rött hjärta i bassängen

Hello and welcome to Lugnet aquatics centre!

We have the following pools at Lugnet aquatics centre.

Rehab pool

Size: 12.5x6 metres. Depth: 0-1.8 metres. The depth of the pool can be adjusted using a vertically adjustable platform. Water temperature: 34°

Training and competition pool

Eight competition lanes with a width of 2.5 metres, or 10 training lanes with a width of 2.0 metres. Next to the pool there is room for mobile stands and places for spectators on a balcony, with a total capacity for around 300 spectators. Size: 25x21 metres. Depth: 1.8-3.6 metres. Water temperature: 27–29°

Multi-use pool

For teaching and baby swimming classes, among others. Size: 12.5x6 metres. Depth: 0-1.8 metres. The depth of the pool can be adjusted using a vertically adjustable platform. Water temperature: up to 33°

Activity pool

Play and splash pool with possibilities of exercise swimming. Seating with bubbles. Size: 25x8.5 metres. Depth: 0.9–1.3 metres. Water temperature: 30° In connection with the activity pool, there is a current channel. The water in the channel continuously moves in a circle. The current channel has a depth of 1.2 metres and a water temperature of 30°.

Children’s pool

Fun swimming and play environment for our youngest guests. Size: 13x3.8 metres. Depth: 0.2-0.4 metres. Water temperature: 32°


You use your armband to enter and exit the aquatics centre. Your armband is also used to lock and unlock your locker where you keep your things. Lugnet aquatics centre is a cash-free facility. You can pay by card or Swish. As an adult, your armband has a credit. With the credit, you can shop in the café. When you go out, your armband is read and you pay for your purchases.

Before swimming

Read through the facility rules

You must shower before swimming. This is to keep the water clean. When you shower, you should not have a swimsuit on. You must wash with soap and water. We provide soap, but you need to bring your own shampoo.


The café has a health theme. In the café, you can pay by card or Swish. Like the reception desk, the café is cash free. Food may be eaten in the designated area. Bringing in your own food to the centre or café is not permitted (except for food for young children who cannot yet eat what is offered in the café). If you are allergic to anything, feel free to talk to the staff and we will help you find out what you can and cannot eat here.

We hope you have an enjoyable visit with us here at Lugnet!

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